Beer "Augustijn" Brune, 0.33 L

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Tasting Notes


Beer hazel with reddish reflections and rich froth sandy shade.


Beer taste is mild, well-balanced, warm, smooth, slightly sweet, easy drinking, with notes of raisins, chocolate, caramel, hints of bread, spices, smoke and fruit. At the finish there is a delicate hop bitterness.


The aroma of beer you can feel the notes of red and dark fruit, caramel, raisins, candy, bread, land and nuances of yeast.


Beer is a perfect companion for semi-hard cheeses, pates, delightfully combined with pork, pasta with truffles.

Interesting Facts

"Augustijn" Brune - the logical conclusion of the Augustinian beer line, which also includes "Augustijn" Blonde and "Augustijn" Grand Cru. Charming dark beer "Augustijn" has an excellent balance between aroma, taste and aftertaste, making beer a significant segment of dark ales and reflects the rich Belgian beer culture. Beer "Augustijn" Brune not sweet like many dark ales, and only slightly sweet. The bouquet appear bright fruit tones that blend with notes of caramel and bread. Hop bitterness is manifested only in a dry aftertaste.

History Brewery Van Steenberge began in 1784. Jean-Baptiste de Bruin founded in Ertvelde brewery "De Peer". At the beginning of the XX century his great-niece, Margaret, to which inherited the plant moved, married Paul Van Steenberga, professor of microbiology at the school of brewing in Ghent. After the First World War, he became the leader of the brewery. In 1919 he changed the name of the plant on the "Brouwerij Bios" in honor of the beer, which then produces a brewery.

Paul Van Steenberg was more politician than a brewer, he served as mayor of Ertveld and sat in the Senate, so the brewery does not appear often. But, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and mind of the scientist, he acted sensibly: successfully launched a wide range of beers, has invested in a new plant, new tanks, organized bottling beer in glass bottles, optimized production costs, resulting in reduced prices for manufactured products, thus obtaining a greater number of consumers.

In 1962, the brewery inherited son Paul - Joseph Van Steenberg, which focuses on producing high-quality, top-fermented beer. He closed malt, built by his father, and ceased to grow on their own fields of hops, becoming to buy raw materials from third-party manufacturers under strict specifications. Jozef Van Steenberg began to prepare a special double fermentation beer.

In 1978, he makes another important step in the history of the brewery - gets beer recipe that Augustinian monks brewed in the monastery in Ghent, modify it, and in 1982 beer "Augustine" appears on the market, immediately earning unprecedented success. Joseph Van Steenberg successfully launches and other ales, which caused a fantastic interest of the consumer, because in the early 80s market specialty beer with high alcohol content was very limited. The subsequent decline of interest in Belgian Strong beer in favor of the camp and Pilsner was temporary, and Joseph was a true visionary: in 2000 the global market creates a clear trend towards the demand for beer with a full taste and complex aroma.

In 1990 the company passed to his son Joseph - Paul Van Steenbergu, who built a new fully automated plant with computer control systems filling fermentation barrels, fine water system and a new beer bottling conveyor and further filling it with natural gas.

Since 1998, the owner of the plant is the nephew Paul - Jeff Versel significantly increase the export of beer in the United States of Europe, as well as "completed" line of beer Augustinian monks release "Augustijn" Brune.



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