Water "Aсqua di Toscana" San Felice Sparking, glass, 375 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Aсqua di Toscana" San Felice Sparking, glass, 375 ml

Tasting Notes


The water is crystal transparency.


Clean, easy natural taste of mineral water.


Water has a neutral flavor.


Water may accompany a variety of dishes, be used as a standalone drink throughout the day.

Interesting Facts

In the Chianti region are fond of saying: "... the wine is flowing as well as water," but there is an exception that proves the rule - a mineral water Premium Class "Asqua di Toscana", originating from the source of San Felice. It is the only mineral water, produces marked "Made in Tuscany". The peculiarity of mineral water are not only great taste, but also that it is bottled in traditional glass Bordeaux bottle with screw cap.

Source San Felice has been known since ancient times: the Etruscans still praised and appreciated exceptional healing properties of this mineral water. Before you come to the surface, the water flows underground for more than 10 years, absorbing everything useful that is in minerals. The Etruscans believed that the mineral water is a source of well-being, as the purity and lightness of water - a natural medicine, fills the soul and body beauty, health and happiness. Near the water source to the present day is a bench on which to sit loved women and drink water, filling the bowl of this wonderful water for themselves and their guests, so the source is known as "the source of happiness."

Recent studies have shown that the mineral water "Asqua di Toscana" San Felice helps the digestive process and improves metabolism.


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