Wine Arthur Metz, "Michel Leon" Riesling, Alsace AOC

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Reviews of purchase Arthur Metz, "Michel Leon" Riesling, Alsace AOC

Tasting Notes


The wine is bright pink with an orange tinge and a long game in a glass bubble.


Frank acidity of the wine is complemented by beautiful velvety tannins, lively tones of citrus fruits, raspberries and currants. Long aftertaste elegantly completes the composition.


Fresh pear tones in the first wave of aroma wine enhanced shades of citrus and orange peel, giving then place the notes of strawberries and other crushed red berries.


The wine will be a real decoration of receptions and celebrations, leaning as an aperitif.

Interesting Facts

"Michel Leon" Brut Rose - a beautiful feminine wine with elegant tannins structure and calm. Pinot Noir, harvested in the period of maximum maturity are subjected to a brief maceration on the skins to extract beautiful colors. Champagne is the traditional method. Secondary fermentation in the bottle is carried out with the addition of yeast. The duration of aging of wine is 24 months, although the requirements can be finished upon reaching 9 months. This gives perlyazhu finesse and taste of wine - a noble velvet.

House Arthur Metz always demonstrates its respect for the traditions and pays close attention to product quality. "Arthur Metz" is a leading manufacturer of Alsace, occupying first place for the production of Crémant d'Alsace sparkling wine. The company's activities include both the process of viticulture, as well as complete production cycle up to the bottling. Two modern wineries and a huge warehouse, 750 partnerships vineyard farms, 1090 acres of vineyards in the prestigious Grand Cru - this impressive arsenal, thanks to "Arthur Metz" which house maintains its high reputation and winning numerous awards at various national and international competitions. Since 1991 is a member of Les Grands Chais de France.

Les Grands Chais de France (GSF) - a group of companies founded in Petersbahe in 1979 by a man named Joseph Helfrish (Joseph Helfrich). The main location of the company - Vosges du Nord (in southern France). Today, Le Grand Chase de France - a large and successful company, which manufactures high-quality French wine, and aimed mainly for export (more than 70% of production). GSF owns vineyards in many wine-producing regions - Alsace, Loire Valley, Bordeaux (Landiras), Beaujolais (P. Desvignes) and Languedoc-Roussillon (Domaine DE la Baume).
A distinctive feature of the company GSF is a desire to preserve a long tradition, combining them with the innovations in the world of winemaking. This is due to many years of tremendous experience of more than 1,200 employees. The annual turnover of Les Grands Chais de France is around 700 million euros. The volume of production - about 1 million bottles a day. The production area of ​​the company occupy 12.8 ha.


In our store you can buy wine Arthur Metz, "Michel Leon" Riesling, Alsace AOC, price Arthur Metz, "Michel Leon" Riesling, Alsace AOC — 1 155 rub.. Producer wine Les Grands Chais de France. Delivery Arthur Metz, "Michel Leon" Riesling, Alsace AOC.