Aperitive "Aperol", 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Appetizer bright orange color.


Taste an aperitif - fruity, slightly bitter, with notes of oranges, herbs, quinine.


Aroma aperitif characterized tones of orange and bright notes of herbs.


Aperol is recommended to drink with ice, tonic with lemon juice and sugar syrup and vodka in cocktails (including - with beer, white wine or Prosecco).

Interesting Facts

"Aperol" - this is the perfect aperitif, created in 1919 by brothers Barbieri. At the heart of the production of "Aperol" is an ancient secret recipe using tinctures made from the choicest ingredients - sweet and bitter oranges, as well as herbs and roots (including - gentian, rhubarb and cinchona tree fruit) in perfectly balanced proportions. Feature unique taste of the beverage is in the original slightly bitter fruit shades, and in a low alcohol content (only 11 degrees, half less than, for example, aperitifs Campari). Bright orange "Aperol", which gives the drink using natural orange concentrate - a kind of trademark aperitif, it remains unchanged for almost a century.

Today the brand "Aperol", created and manufactured by Barbieri, based in Padua, belongs to concern Campari. Starting from the 1950s, based aperitif "Aperol" was created by the famous, it is now called the traditional cocktail "Aperol Spritz", which apart aperitif present Venetian white wine (sometimes replaced by the sparkling Prosecco, spumante or champagne) and soda Spritzer (mineral water, or other gas).

Cocktail "Aperol Spritz":
3 pieces of dry wine (as an option - Prosecco, spumante or champagne)
2 parts Aperol aperitif
A little soda water, ice.
In a wine glass and wine pour aperativ. Add to taste of carbonated water and a pair of ice cubes. Garnish with a slice of orange or a cocktail olive.


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