Beer "Andechs" Weissbier Dunkel, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Andechs" Weissbier Dunkel, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer mesmerizing chestnut color with a light ruby ​​color.


Elegant, rounded, smooth taste of beer has a caramel malt sweetness, which is harmoniously combined with a fine hop bitterness. The finish is soft and refreshing.


Wonderful aroma of beer filled with tones of wheat and fruit (ripe banana, pineapple), supported by subtle caramel and chocolate notes, nuances of nuts, toast and spice.


Beer is excellent as a digestif, goes well with German cuisine and curry dishes, cheeses, salmon.

Interesting Facts

"Andechs" Weissbier Dunkel - excellent dark unfiltered wheat beer, which in 1997 was the final link in the range of brewery Andechser. For the manufacture of beer "Andechs" Weisbier Dunkel used an elite Bavarian wheat, barley malt Gersten dark and aromatic malt from the famous region Hallertau. Beer is fermented in the old traditional method of brewing cellars.

Andechs brewery was founded at the Benedictine monastery of the same name, located on the Holy Mountain on Lake Ammersee, in 1445, although it is known that in this region were engaged in brewing long before that. The popularity of the monastery beer for over half a century, an exceptionally high-quality Bavarian raw materials and carefully preserved traditional recipes that have passed the test of time.

Today, the brewery Andechs used the latest equipment and most of the processes managed and controlled by high-tech computers. All beer is made in accordance with the Law on beer purity of 1516, according to which the manufacture may be used only malt, hops and water. However, today also used the fourth most important component of brewing - a yeast that during the adoption of the Law had not yet been invented.

Monastic beers "Andechs" runs about fifty internal quality checks during the brewing process, it is no wonder the motto of the brewery for many years says: "Quality, not quantity".


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