Beer Ahornberger Landbrauerei, "Hopfig", 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Ahornberger Landbrauerei, "Hopfig", 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer light golden color.


Beer has a fairly strong, tart, pleasant beverage taste, in which the initial bitterness replaced by grassy notes and hints of lemon.


The aroma is dominated by beer malt notes.


Beer goes well with appetizers, dishes of German and Japanese cuisine, fish, poultry, shellfish, cheese.

Interesting Facts

Ahornberger Landbrauerei, "Hopfig" - a beautiful representative of the style "German Pilsner". It has a light filtered beer drunken tart flavor and delicate aroma of malt. Beer is made from an ancient recipe of natural ingredients: crystal clear spring water, barley and the finest hops.

Ahornberger Landbraueray Brewery is located in the central part of West Germany, in a tiny village Ahornberg. In 1739, Johann Christian Shtrёssner bought the hotel "Gold Star" to which "came with" micro-brewery. So Shtrёssner family became involved in brewing. Today this private family run brewery representatives seventh generation Shtrёssner. The brewery produces a wide range of high-quality beer top and bottom fermentation.


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