Vodka "Absolut" Pears, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase "Absolut" Pears, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes




We vodka mild flavor with hints of sweet pear.


Vodka has the aroma of fresh pears.


Vodka used pure ice in cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Vodka Absolut Pears - one in a line of fruit vodka Absolut, which made ​​sure of natural ingredients with no added sugar. Due to this fact, a fresh aroma and soft pear flavor.

Swedish brand Absolut is known worldwide. Vodka "Absolute" - a product of premium Klas, produced in Sweden and sold in 126 countries around the world. "Absolute" one of the most popular and successful vodka brands over the past quarter century. This product has a peculiar taste (the result of 400-year-old Swedish tradition of distilling), unique packaging with the original concept of market promotion. "Absolute" is made from grain alcohol rectified extremely clean and prepared in a special way with artesian water neveroyainoy softness. All kinds of vodka "Absolut" characterized by the absence of impurities.

The brand name comes from the name Absolut Absolut Rent Brenvin (translated from Swedish - absolutely pure vodka). Vodka, produced since 1879 Lars Uolson Smith. In 1979 there was a modern version of the vodka as a product intended for export. Since 1988 began production of flavored vodka. All kinds of flavored vodkas "Absolute" have great taste and are intended primarily for cocktails. Plant for the production of vodka is near the town Åhus in southern Sweden. Until 2008, the Swedish government was vladeltsem brand, and in March of this year sold "Absolute" French spirits company Pernod Ricard (Pernod Ricard).



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