Beer "Abbaye de St. Martin" Blonde, 0.33 L

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Reviews of purchase "Abbaye de St. Martin" Blonde, 0.33 L

Tasting Notes


Beer dark golden color with a slight brown tint.


In the taste of beer is dominated by malt tones and ethereal fruity, spicy bitterness felt soft spices, yeast gradually added bright notes.


The aroma of beer combines shades of pale malt, yeast, fruit (apple, pear, banana) and nuances of spices.


Beer can be used as a standalone drink (aperitif, digestif), as well as in combination with meat, game and salmon.

Interesting Facts

"Abbaye de St. Martin" Blonde - Belgian yeast beer with beautiful fruit and spice notes in the bouquet. After fermentation, the beer top dobrazhivaet bottled.

For high quality and excellent taste beer was awarded a silver medal at the competition "World Beer Championship, 2007" and a bronze medal at the competition "Australian International Beer Awards, 2008".

Brunehaut Brewery was founded in 1096. In those terrible days when the plague was raging, the beer was known as a safe alternative to impure water and famine. To improve the health of the population, the Benedictine bishop Radbod gave permission to build a brewery in the Abbey de Saint Martin. The brewery flourished until 1793, when, during the French Revolution and the Church, and the brewery were destroyed. Survived only a small part of the Romanesque and Gothic monastery of XIII century crypt. Also were taken and hidden many important documents of the abbey, including "secret" recipes brewing. In 1890, the production of beer recipes on these important was resumed at the brewery Bruenhaut.

In the next hundred years Brunehaut released more than 40 different beers. In 1990, due to increased productivity doubled, two kilometers from the old factory new building was built brewery.

Beer brand "Abbaye de St. Martin" is one of the 18 Belgian beers, with the official status of "Certified Abbey Belgian beer." Besides abbey beer, the brewery produced organic beer gluten-free, having a special certification.


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