Beer "AC/DC", mini keg, 5 L

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Reviews of purchase "AC/DC", mini keg, 5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer golden brown.


Taste of beer - medium density, burning, refreshing, bright, with notes of hop bitterness and subtle shades of pale malt.


In the fresh flavor of beer is dominated by notes of herbs, citrus and malt.


Beer goes well with appetizers, snacks, seafood.

Interesting Facts

"AC / DC" - German premium lager, brewed according to the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 brewing only natural ingredients: water, barley malt and hops. Searing, bright taste of lager is fully consistent with the traditions of rock 'n' roll on the barrel and the slogan: "German beer, Australian hard rock."

Producer's description

Karlsberg - major German brewery, which since its inception in 1878, belongs to the family Weber. In 1878, Christian Weber, a respected grocery wholesaler and an honorary citizen of the city of Homburg, built a brewery, which has quickly become quite prosperous. Carlsberg Brewery grew so rapidly that in 1884 it was decided to move the plant to a new building on the outskirts of Homburg, which has greatly expanded the production of beer and a high level of quality. The new plant in 1896, equipped with a special "ice" machine for year-round beer cooling in the manufacturing process, and in 1898 launched a new production of the steam generator with a capacity of 90 000 hectoliters.
Following innovations enabled the company Carlsberg in the XX century greatly expand the range of products. Along with traditional beers, Carlsberg first in Germany produced a mixed drink of beer and cola, and in 1996 produced a beer with tequila. In addition to beer, Carlsberg produces fruit juices, mineral water and other soft drinks. Carlsberg beer range today includes more than 20 varieties, covering thus the entire range of options.


In our store you can buy beer "AC/DC", mini keg, 5 L, price "AC/DC", mini keg, 5 L — 1 380 rub.. Producer beer Karlsberg. Delivery "AC/DC", mini keg, 5 L.