Tequila "1921" Blanco, gift box, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Tequila brilliant crystal clear color.


Tequila taste refined, well-balanced, clean and harmonious, with dominant notes of agave nectar, fruit and citrus intonations in the aftertaste.


The aroma is dominated by the drink sweet notes of agave, combined with fresh grass shades and nuances of citrus.


Tequila can be used in pure form or as an appetizer before lunch and dinner, as well as for preparation of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Tequila "1921" Blanco is made ​​from high-quality blue agave. Beverage passes double distillation in distillation apparatus made of stainless steel with a copper coil and then filtered twice.
Tequila "1921" Blanco is dedicated to the soldiers of the Mexican Revolution. Lifestyle Mexican soldiers was based on a constant fight for their ideals. Difficult conditions in which they grew up, only tempered their strong character. In complex test fate they found moments to spend time with their families and enjoy a sip of tequila. Tequila "1921" Blanco bears the image of a strong, brave, loyal Mexican man able to defend his ideals.

Destileria Morales - a young company, founded in 1996 and is engaged in the manufacture and sale of tequila. During the renovation of the old house Hacienda La Colorada in Jalisco was made an important discovery: discovered a secret passage that led to a luxurious wine cellar. Among the valuables, gold coins and church relics were found bottles with illegible labels fluid which sparkled in the daylight. The laboratory studies have found that the bottles were hidden here almost 60 years ago, and their contents were of exceptional quality tequila.
Destileriya Morales produces 4 types of tequila "1921" - Crema, Blanco, Reposado and Anejo, each of which gives incredible pleasure and enjoyment of its fragrant aroma, complex and very smooth taste.

Tequila "1921" is made ​​according to old recipes and methods of the XVIII century in strictly limited quantities. Recipes tequila kept in the strictest confidence. On each bottle is affixed serial number to prevent counterfeiting cases, and the production is under the strict control of the Mexican government. The name "1921" was chosen as the most probable date of creation of the drink. 1921 - the last year of the revolution, therefore every kind of tequila is dedicated to outstanding revolutionary leaders of Mexico. Also, the company Morales tried as much as possible to recreate the original look of the bottle.
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