Beer "1698" Bottle Conditioned Strong Ale, 0.5 L

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RB 50
OBBD 7.5
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Reviews of purchase "1698" Bottle Conditioned Strong Ale, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer copper-bronze color.


In a complex taste of beer felt rich resinous notes, nuances of citrus, licorice, Marsala wine, caramel malt and orange, black bread and yeast. Saturated colors and go hop in the long aftertaste, where they are joined by nuances of dark fruit.


Intense aroma of beer contains notes of toffee, caramel, nuts, biscuits, roasted malt, yeast, British, strong grassy and floral hop tones.


Beer goes perfectly with smoked and other cheeses, barbecue, pork, game.

Interesting Facts

"1698" Bottle Conditioned Strong Ale - ale connoisseurs and gourmets, which is brewed from triple the number of hops, which leads to rich, intense, complex bouquet of beer. El "1698" on the label bearing the date of creation of the brewery, was released to the tercentenary of Shepherd Neame. El has the status of "Protective Geographic Indicator" from the European Union - a kind of unique regional protection, confirming its place of manufacture of the beverage and its quality.

El ripen naturally in a bottle production method "bottle conditioned" as a result of fine bubbles filled with beer, improves the flavor and taste. This beer can be enjoyed immediately after the release, or give it to stand for several months to soften the taste.

El "1698" is the silver medal of the competition "Taste of Britain Awards" and a gold medal from the "British Bottlers' Institute", as El was included in the Top 50 varieties of the best beer in the world of the "International Beer Challenge's World".

One of the oldest breweries in the UK - Shepherd Neame - was founded in 1698. It is interesting that even in those years for beer production facilities used artesian water, which in our time. During its existence, the brewery has not changed owners, for more than 300 years of being in possession of united families and Shepherd Neame. In 2006, the brewery received a Queen's Award for Sustainable Development and was named "Best British family business." In addition to the brewery sector owns more than 350 pubs.

Sheped Niamey is the first British "green" brewery that cares about the environment and uses natural, organic, local ingredients.


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