Open your own wine store

  • Profitability from 300,000 rubles per month
  • Investments from 1.5 million rubles
  • Return on investment 12-18 months
  • Lump sum-no
  • Royalty - an average of 5%

Return on investment

12-18 months

  • The average launch time of the store is 1.5-2 months
  • Payback period of 3 months
  • Turnover from 3,000,000 rubles per month
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The owner of the Winestyle franchise in the first month of work will be able to receive from 1.5-2 million rubles of orders for pickup. Winestyle is the largest Internet project in its field. By opening your own Winestyle wine store with the ability to order products online on our website - you will receive a guaranteed influx of customers, stable income and unconditional competitive advantages.

A well-known brand, a leader in the alcoholic e-commerce market.
Guaranteed from 1.5-2 million pickups per month

2 000 000

visitors per day

70 000+


18 stores in Moscow, representative offices in Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg

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We will ensure a stable flow of customers and support
at all stages of your business development

Assistance in organizational and legal matters

  • Advice in the selection and analysis of the location for your store.
  • Ready-made software solutions. IT support and technical support
  • Development of the interior design project of the store according to the concept, corporate style and brand book of the company.
  • Selection, training and adaptation of the professional staff of the store.

Assistance in obtaining an alcohol license

  • Support at all stages of registration of an alcohol license.
  • Evaluation of the store's location according to all criteria and tolerances according to the legislation
  • Assistance in preparing the accompanying documentation and a complete package for opening an alcohol store
  • Free promotion and marketing package

What do we expect from our potential franchise partners?
Personal experience in business management, organization and planning

If you have your own alcohol store, you can rebrand it with unique conditions and reduced rates

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