WineStyle makes charity donations to Rusfond to pay for the treatment of seriously sick children.

Russian Aid Fund - one of the largest charitable foundations in Russia (the collection of donations in 2013 is more than 1.4 billion rubles). It is created in 1996 by journalists of "Kommersant" to assist the authers of desperate letters addressed to the newspaper. The best medical centers of the Russian Federation are the partners of "Rusfond", they provide the treatment of children on charitable donations. There are nine integrated treatment programs: oncology, congenital heart disease, scoliosis, orthopedics, cerebral palsy, maxillofacial defects, peripheral nervous system malformations, the pathology of the musculoskeletal system, postburn plastic, diabetes, osteogenesis imperfecta and other.

Buying this product, you help sick children

Napkins 20 pcs. Size 33 * 33 cm. three-layer
100 rub

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Rusfond is the winner of the National Award "Silver Archer" in 2000. It was awarded with commemorative sign "Mercy" No1 by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development for Russian charity improvement. "Rusfond" is registered in the Ministry of Justice as a Foundation for seriously sick children, orphans and disabled.

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