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The worldwide name Martell is tantamount to superior quality with high status. This drink has been in existence for a very long time. For almost 300 years, Martell cognac has been recognized as the best French cognac. Made in the province of Cognac, the word Martell is known as hammer in French. It’s the same tool that you see on the coat of arms, which is also a part of Martell Cognac label design. It’s prominently displayed on each box and bottle of this drink.

Martell Cognac is produced using an old technology that complies with age-old traditions of producing cognac. Each generation of the family Martel is committed to maintain the reputation of the drink by not dropping quality standards. The rounded taste of this cognac is achieved through the use of high quality grapes known as Ugni Blanc. Martel chooses the best alcohols that have been preserved using wood Trojan oak in order to produce unique blends known to Martel fans.