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Tequila is a distilled beverage made from the blue agave plant found in the city of Tequila, in the Mexican State of Jalisco. According to Mexican law, tequila can only be produced in Jalisco and a few other limited areas.
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Olmeca Blanco, 700 ml

1 570 rub.

Olmeca Blanco, 1000 ml

2 200 rub.

"Olmeca" Altos Plata, 700 ml

1 970 rub.

"Casa Vieja" Anejo, in box with 2 glasses, 750 ml

2 214 rub.

"Espolon" Reposado, 750 ml

2 333 rub.

Legenda Del Milagro Reposado, 750 ml

2 229 rub.

"Sierra" Silver, 1000 ml

1 419 rub.

"Olmeca" Dark Chocolate, 700 ml

1 540 rub.

"Sierra" Silver, 700 ml

1 221 rub.

Olmeca Blanco, 500 ml

1 232 rub.

Jose Cuervo, Especial Reposado, 1000 ml

2 800 rub.

Don Julio Anejo, with box, 750 ml

9 557 rub.

"Espolon" Blanco, 750 ml

1 872 rub.

Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado, 700 ml

1 946 rub.

"Patron" Silver, gift box, 750 ml

5 296 rub.

Olmeca Gold, 1000 ml

2 446 rub.

"El Jimador" Blanco, 750 ml

2 092 rub.

Patron Reposado, gift box, 750 ml

5 996 rub.

Olmeca Gold, 700 ml

2 035 rub.

"Sauza" Silver, 700 ml

1 676 rub.

In recent years, tequila has become increasingly popular in UK. There are several reasons for this. Its authentic taste is like nothing else. Tequila is not ‘cactus vodka’, as many people think. The traditional recipe for tequila is the juice from the core of a blue agave, with the addition of yeast and sugar. This mixture is kept for three to eight days and is then distilled in two stages. After diluting it with spring or clear water the process is complete. Alternatively, the tequila can be bottled or stored in wooden barrels to age.

There are various types of tequila.
Blanco: This tequila is young and transparent and is stored in bottles immediately after its distillation.
Joven: Un-aged tequila, flavoured with caramel.
Reposado: This variety is stored in oak barrels for the duration of two to twelve months.
Añejo: This is stored in wooden barrels for two to three years by the manufacturer, thereby increasing its value.

A wide range of tequila is exported to UK from various producers, but the most popular brands are Olmeca and Sauza.

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