Wine set Riesling

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On hot summer days we invite you to enjoy a refreshing and delicate taste amazing Riesling. Wines six different countries highlight the great noble character of this grape. A benchmark in this set will perform Rieslings of Germany (the homeland of the class) and Alsace, where the grapes are cultivated since ancient times. A New World of wine of Australia and New Zealand surprised interesting flavors, as well as a pleasant acidity of the wine perfectly quench thirst. Set supplemented twist - sunny wine from the US is likely to appeal to women!

Taste Riesling fresh, intense and dense, with tones of citrus peel, peach, bergamot, apricot and white pepper and mineral tones will not leave anyone indifferent! And so it is easy to pilos gift you get a set of 2 glasses of white wine !

Wines of this set and a gift:

«Pacific Rim» Dry Riesling, 2011 - white, dry, region: USA, Washington, Columbia Valley, the fortress: 12.5%
Yalumba, «The Y Series» Riesling, 2010 - white, dry, region: Australia, South Australia, Barossa Valley, the fortress: 12%
Saint Clair, Pioneer Block 9 «Big John» Riesling, 2011 - white, sweet, Location: New Zealand, Marlborough, Fortress: 9%
Selbach-Oster, Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Kabinett Trocken, 2009 - white, semi-dry, region: Germany, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, strength: 12.5%
Leon Beyer, Riesling Reserve, 2007 - white, dry, region: France, Alsace, strength: 12%
Wolf, Riesling «Wachenheimer» 2011 - white, semi-dry, region: Germany, Palatinate, castle: 11%

Подарок! Spiegelau "Soiree" - a set of glasses of white wine in a gift box, 240 ml

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