Liqueur Volare Apricot Brandy, 700 ml

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Reviews of purchase Volare Apricot Brandy, 700 ml

Tasting Notes


Amber liquor.


Liquor has a pleasant taste with notes of ripe apricots and nuts.


Liquor has a wonderful school apricot aroma.


Liquor is perfect in cocktails, goes well with orange juice or lemonade.

Interesting Facts

Volare Apricot Brandy - is a high quality Italian liqueur, which are used for the production of only the best apricots are collected manually.
Volare liqueurs produced by Rossi D'Asiago in the historic distillery Antiche Distillerie. Volare - this is one of the best selling brands of Italian liqueurs line which is represented by a wide range of species. Liqueurs are made from high quality ingredients, they are suitable for creating a plurality of cocktails that can be used as an aperitif, and the digestive. Liquor is available in elegant bottles, the design of which is specifically designed for perfect ease of use. The bottle contains an innovative retractable geyser, not allowing it to fill in the other beverage that ensures pristine quality liquor and also serves as an additional support to the bartender. D'Asiago company was founded in Asiago in 1868, when the pharmacist GB Rossi made his first elixir of cinchona bark - «Chino Rossi». This liqueur instantly gained popularity, and Rossi, inspired by the success, founded his company, began commercial output. Used for the manufacture of liquors and the best natural ingredients, many of the drinks are still manufactured by using original recipes and traditional methods of distillation.
In our store you can buy liqueur Volare Apricot Brandy, 700 ml, price Volare Apricot Brandy, 700 ml — 983 rub.. Producer liqueur Rossi D’Asiago Distillery. Delivery Volare Apricot Brandy, 700 ml.