"Val-Dieu" Blonde, set of 3 bottles & glass, gift box


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Interesting Facts

The kit includes 3 bottles of beer and a glass of 1
The volume of the bottle: 330 ml
Cardboard box

Set consisting of three bottles of beer "Val-Dieu" Blonde and corporate glass will be a great gift lovers of good Belgian beer.

"Val-Dieu" Blonde - perfectly refreshing light unfiltered Belgian beer. Multifaceted bouquet beer develops gradually, leaving a very good impression. Beer is recommended to drink chilled in a big round glass.

The abbey of Val-Dieu was founded Cistercian monks near Liege in the village of Aubel in 1216. Within the walls of the abbey and brewery earned. In those years, the beer is not so much fun to drink as needed. Drinking water was dirty, Europe rampant cholera and typhoid, beer is thermally treated, it has become a great alternative to water and quench their thirst not only, but also hunger. In addition, the Cistercians always been known for their talents Brewers. For centuries, monks studied the culture of live yeast and fermentation method, creating ever more complex special recipes. For 800 years the abbey seen many - fire, war, destruction, but survived and preserved their traditions. Today, in the monastery of Val-Dieu three beers are brewed according to the original monastic recipes, the old method of infusion, with no added flavorings and spices.
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