Gift Box Scotton, Cantinetta "Lari Champagne" for 1 bottle

125 rub.
Available 120 rub.
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Interesting Facts

Scotton, Cantinetta "Lari Champagne" for 1 bottle   - Gift box champagne color, designed for 1 bottle of wine. Manufacturer of packaging is a famous Italian company Scotton.

Receive gifts like many of us, and we pay attention not only to myself a present, but also for its design. Beautiful golden box for a bottle of good wine will be an excellent choice and will allow adequately present a gift to a loved one.

Scotton history began in 1974. Then the company for the first time to create an exclusive gift box for wine made from corrugated cardboard and embossed. It was Christmas themed packaging produced to order. Since then, the company's founder, Mark Scotton constantly expanding its business. The company, which appeared on the international market, produces original and stylish gift packaging, with special attention to the quality and continuously increasing range of products.

Experience the bold experiments and innovative technologies are not only the basic principles of the philosophy of the brand, but also the driving force for success.

The entire production process when creating packaging occurs within the company. He starts with an idea and creating a layout, after which the samples are sent to the press and subjected to various processing steps. Storage of finished products also occurs in the walls of the enterprise. This approach allows us to achieve the highest quality standards.

Scotton headquarters is located in Treviso. In 2001 there was opened a large warehouse, located on the slopes of Monte Grappa. The entire complex includes production facilities, offices and showroom.

In addition, the manufacturer cares about the environment, so the products are environmentally friendly Scotton.


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