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Wine "Sanvigilio" Pinot Grigio, Provincia di Pavia IGT, 2015

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Reviews of purchase "Sanvigilio" Pinot Grigio, Provincia di Pavia IGT, 2015

Tasting Notes


Wine a pale straw color.


The wine has a soft, fresh taste with hints of apple and citrus, with lively acidity and a harmonious finish.


Delicate aroma of the wine reveals apple, floral and a touch of honey.


The wine goes well with seafood, fish, vegetables, as well as perfectly as an aperitif.

Interesting Facts

Wine "Sanvigilio" Pinot Grigio is made ​​from a blend of the dominant Pinot Grigio (85%) and a small proportion of Chardonnay (15%). The vineyard is located on a hilly area near the valleys version, Casteggio and Skuropasso in Oltero Pavese (Province of Pavia). The vine grows at an altitude of 200-400 meters above sea level on clay soils with admixtures of limestone and mud. Harvest begin to gather in the last week of August. Winery berries are processed under a mild pressure, followed by fermentation at a temperature of 18-20 ° C. Aged wine in steel tanks.

Cavite company that has existed since 1950 - is a corporate group established winemakers Trentino in order to increase control over the quality of wines produced and simplify the process. Today, Cavite, settling in the north-east of Italy, takes care of almost 4500 small wineries, protecting their interests. Cavit produces more than half of all wine produced per year in the region of Trentino (65%). The total vineyard area of ​​the company is 7000 hectares.


In our store you can buy wine "Sanvigilio" Pinot Grigio, Provincia di Pavia IGT, 2015, price "Sanvigilio" Pinot Grigio, Provincia di Pavia IGT, 2015 — 642 rub.. Producer wine Cavit. Delivery "Sanvigilio" Pinot Grigio, Provincia di Pavia IGT, 2015.