Brandy Pojer e Sandri, Acquavite di ciliegie, Dolomiti, in tube, 0.7 L

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Tasting Notes


Brandy transparent color.


Brandy has a nice fruity taste - a strong first, and then dry and mild, with notes of sweet, fresh cherries.


Delightful aroma of brandy filled with tones of ripe cherry and red fruits.


Brandy goes well with many products. Suitable for meat, poultry, various desserts.

Interesting Facts

Acquavite di ciliegie - strong drink from Italian winery Pojer e Sandri. The starting material for the production of Acquavite di ciliegie cherry is of two kinds: Stevensbear (70%, a variety originally from Sweden) and Schattenmorelle (30%). Cherries grown in the area Vigolo Vattaro Trentino at an altitude of 700-800 meters above sea level, which is very suitable for those varieties ripening period which comes quite late. Using a variety of sour cherries with sweet results in a rich, fresh and delicate flavor, combined with excellent fruit flavors of cherry.

Fermentation occurs in stainless steel under constant control of temperature and pH. After adding the yeast converts the sugar into alcohol, which takes 4-6 days. Then, distillation is performed, which resulted in the level of alcohol in the beverage reaches 70-73%. After aging for six months the alcohol content of the beverage is reduced by adding a clean local spring water. In the bottle is poured Aquavite di ciliegie strength of 46%, the last cold filtering. The drink is better to use cooled to 12-14 ° C.

Company Pojer e Sandri was founded in 1975 when a young Florentino Sandri inherited some vineyards in the mountainous village of Faed, and his friend, winemaker Mario Pojer graduated Agricultural Institute of San Michele. Their goal was to prove that the area between the river Adige and the Cembra valley, contrary to widespread belief, it is possible to produce world-class wines. The first wine Pojer e Sandri in 1975 Muller Thurgau "Pala", which was a huge success in Italy. Pojer e Sandri began to produce wines with a unique taste, using the registration of the original bottle labels in classic style with the famous engravings of Albrecht Dürer. The company grew, were purchased six new vineyards in Faedo and Hotel San Michele in the valley Cembra. In addition to white varieties, Pojer e Sandri also cultivated and red grapes (Cabernet, Merlot and Lagreyn). Besides still wines the winery produces a small amount of sparkling wine, produces excellent grappa, whiskey, brandy and unique dessert wine Merlino (Lagreyn, bindings brandy Divino).


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