Oil Planeta, Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva, Val di Mazara DOP, 500 ml

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Tasting Notes


Olive oil is a brilliant dark green with pistachio reflections.


The taste of butter soft, delicate, full, fresh balsamic hints. The finish is lingering, spicy.


The elegant fragrance oils dominated by shades of green tomato, artichoke, seaweed. They are joined by shades of fruits and exotic woods. Close bouquet notes of fresh herbs (sage, oregano, thyme, juniper) led with basil and mint.


Olive oil is combined perfectly with pasta, salads, soups, seafood, vegetables (eggplant, green peppers, cabbage, celery, etc.), Tartar beef, fish and many other dishes.

Interesting Facts

Planeta, Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva - a high-quality olive oil class "Extra Vergine", created from three varieties of olives grown in Sicily in the area Menefee: Nocellara del Belice (50%), Biancolilla (30%), Cerasuola (20%). Harvest olives harvested by hand, so as not to damage the fruit, in the period from October 18 to December 5. For the manufacture of 14 liters of oil takes about 100 kg of fresh olives. After a continuous cycle of cold-pressed oil is stored in stainless steel tanks under strictly controlled temperature.

In 2003, the winery Planet opened a new plant for the production of olive oil from the harvest to the olive groves in the area Capparrina. Land with olive trees belonging to the family of the Planet, covers an area of ​​75 hectares, of which 35 hectares are already yielding a rich harvest, and the other 40 hectares are planted with young trees that are just beginning to bear fruit.

The main cultivars are Cerasuola, Biancolilla and Nocellara. The latter represents 60 percent of the total, and today is one of the most interesting varieties of Sicily. He gives great olives with a very typical and recognizable organoleptic characteristics. Cerasuola and Biancolilla complement and soften the basic characteristics of the variety Nocellara generally blended. Olives are picked by hand and cold pressed in a modern factory located in the middle of an olive grove, which virtually eliminates the interval between the collection and processing of fruits in order to improve the quality of oil.

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