Beer Paulaner, Original Munchner Hell, in can, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Paulaner, Original Munchner Hell, in can, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer bright golden color.


Very interesting, subtle, soft and fresh taste of beer has a delicate sweetish notes of honey and malt, herbal nuances, with a clean, dry finish with a light hop undertones.


Rich, natural, classic scent of beer also has light nuances of herbs, flowers, breads and toasts.


Beer goes well with German cuisine, a variety of cheeses (including blue), salads, pork, shellfish, fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

Very soft light beer Original Munchner Hell of the Paulaner Brewery has a bright and rich fragrant bouquet and delicate taste with a sweet malty tones. Munich bright classic beer is the most popular beers in Bavaria. Beer is made only from natural ingredients - spring water, wheat and barley malt and hops.

Based on documentary sources, Paulaner beer began to brew in 1627 monks from the monastery of St. Paul near Aue. Brewed beer mainly for his own use, and the remainder sold to obtain funds for the needs of the monastery. Beer quickly became popular among the residents of Munich and the surrounding areas. This is not surprising, because the monks brewed beer, strictly following released in 1516 Duke of Bavaria Ludwig X and William IV of Purity Law, which is prescribed to use for cooking only three ingredients: water, malt and hops. Paulaner beer sales went so well that the money to the monks were able to build a new large brewery.

In 1806 the brewery was sold for a small price brewer Franz Xaver Tsaherlyu in which the brewery has become so prosperous and appreciate the fact that in 1836, King Ludwig I raised Paulaner beer in the status of the elite drink for the wealthy classes. Tsaherl began to produce a new kind of dark strong beer called "Salvator", and built a new brewery cellar was called "Salvator Keller". Its current name was only brewery in the XX century. Today Paulaner brewery can be called one of the oldest in Bavaria with a rich tradition and a broad line of products. Paulaner is the world's second largest producer of wheat beer Weissbier.


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