Cognac "Old Kakheti", 3 Years Old, 500 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Old Kakheti", 3 Years Old, 500 ml

Tasting Notes


Cognac beautiful straw color.


Cognac has an intense warming flavor with fruit tones.


In cognac gentle and pleasant aroma with hints of flowers and vanilla.


Cognac serve as an excellent digestif, as Recommended to drink coffee.

Interesting Facts

The three-year cognac "Old Kakheti" - inexpensive vintage cognac, made ​​from grapes Rkatsiteli. Cognac is made from spirits aged for at least three years in oak barrels, and is an example of Kakheti wine-making traditions.

Founded in 2001, the company "Kakheti traditional winemaking" dates back to the late XIX century: it was then with the advent of wine varieties and began Chkhaveri unique tradition of Kakheti wine. This tradition is closely linked with the name Antimoza Chkhaidze, an outstanding Georgian winemakers, who owned cellar in the village of Asuka, in Guria. His legacy is stored and used in modern production company "Kakheti traditional winemaking" that launches extraordinary wine, Georgian chacha and brandy.


In our store you can buy cognac "Old Kakheti", 3 Years Old, 500 ml, price "Old Kakheti", 3 Years Old, 500 ml — 834 rub.. Producer cognac Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking. Delivery "Old Kakheti", 3 Years Old, 500 ml.