Nachtmann, "Crystal Christmas", "Star" Biscuit Plate Red

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Interesting Facts

Nachtmann, "Crystal Christmas", "Star" Biscuit Plate Red - Crystal dish that will appeal to lovers of fine lines and will be a wonderful decoration festive table. Plate has a stylish design in the shape of a Christmas star. It can be used for serving a variety of dishes, including - for the traditional Christmas cookies.
Tableware and accessories from the collection "Crystal Christmas" was created by Christmas motives of high quality crystal. Special material processing technologies allow light to linger for a long time and play the crystal faces.

History of the German company Nachtmann began in 1834 in Bavaria. Its creator - Michael Nahtman. At the beginning of the XX century, after a change of ownership, production was moved to the city of Neustadt, near Dresden, where he is now the headquarters of the company. For a long time in the group consisted of three subsidiaries - Spiegelau, Marcaurel and Katharinen Hutte. However, in 2004 the Austrian company Riedel bought shares Nachtmann Cristal AG and has become a major stake holder. Competent policy Riedel allowed German brand Nachtmann reach a new level of development.

For two centuries, the company offers Nahtman connoisseurs of cut glass, which can be attributed to works of art. The unique technology of production, passed on from generation to generation, allows to cut facets so that the sun's rays are refracted to form a diamond fountain splashes. Glasses, decanters, glasses, dishes, plates, vases, candlesticks and other dishes made from quality Nachtmann crystal retains its natural shine and transparency for many years. Also, the master of the company in the production and use of crystal glass, which is no less great, just to give the desired shape to this material is used manual processing.

Nachtmann is today one of the largest manufacturers of cookware in Europe. Among the celebrities who prefer dishes Nachtmann, - Bill Clinton, Claudia Schiffer and many others.


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