Syrup Monin Lychee, 700 ml

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Reviews of purchase Monin Lychee, 700 ml

Tasting Notes


The syrup is golden brown.


Syrup taste different fresh and sugary-sweet flavor of ripe lychee.


Aroma syrup sounds fresh notes of lychee.


Due to the high concentration of 1: 8 and superb taste Monin syrups, they are a great component for a wide variety of cocktails and soft drinks, syrups because the line includes more than 100 items. Most spectacularly with bright streaks syrups will look layered cocktails. Syrups are made from environmentally friendly raw materials, homogenized and pasteurized, so can be used to create recipes diet menu, including baby food. Syrups are widely used in the confectionery field as impregnation for pies and cakes, toppings for ice cream, sweet sauce for fruit salads and more. They can even be added to tea or coffee.

Interesting Facts

Litchi is home to China, where the first mention of it relates to the II century BC. e., in Europe as this fruit is found only in the middle of the XVII century. Lychee is a small oval fruit is red. The pulp of lychee or "Chinese plum" jelly-like, easily separated from the skin and has a fresh sweet taste a bit like a grape. In the center of the fruit has a large seed, which is why this fruit called Chinese "dragon's eye."
Monin syrup Lychee is created from the best fruits shipped from Thailand and perfectly follows the authentic taste of this exotic fruit. It can be used as a basis for the creation of refreshing lemonade, add to fruit fresh, as well as cocktails in martini, which he will give a new seductive sound.

Monin company traces its history to 1912, when Georges Monin founded the magnificent production of fruit liqueurs and syrups in the French town of Bourges. Initially he used as a raw material production only French suppliers, but by 1930, Georges Monin established delivery exotic fruits from Tunisia, Morocco, West Africa, the Caribbean and other regions of the world. Today, the company is constantly adding Monin Aromatheque - the famous "library" natural flavors, which is considered one of the best in the world.
Monin company pays great attention to the quality of their products, because the company slogan sounds like: «La Passion de la Qualité», which means "passion for quality." For the production of syrups and liqueurs used the highest quality and environmentally friendly fruits that are rigorously tested in the laboratory. All products are certified by the International Association of Monin Quality and the Office of the Food and Drug Administration.
In 1993 Monin was accepted into the prestigious International Bartenders Association IBA, and in 1996 won three gold medals at the International Competition in Tokyo cocktails that became possible due to the undeniable benefits of products. In particular Monin syrups are highly concentrated, clear expression and resistance natural taste of raw materials, as well as the lack of preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and a long shelf life of 3 years. Today, the company's lineup includes more than 100 premium syrups, which is keeping pace with the rapidly developing art bar counter, annually updated at least three novelties. Name of the company even gave the name to the whole direction of non-alcoholic mixes that are made based on the Monin syrups and called mocktails (Monin + cocktail). This once again confirmed the high quality and unique taste characteristics Monin syrups unrivaled, thanks to which the company permanently cemented its leadership in the global market.


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