Beer "Grotwerg" Bayerisch Hell, in can, 500 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Grotwerg" Bayerisch Hell, in can, 500 ml

Tasting Notes


Beer golden-amber color.


Taste of beer combines thin malt sweetness and hop bitterness lingers in the aftertaste.


Bright, pleasant aroma of beer filled with tones of fresh bread.


Beer goes well with German cuisine, a variety of cheeses, salads, pork, fish, shellfish.

Interesting Facts

"Grotwerg" Bayerisch Hell - classic Bavarian lager, which is produced in accordance with the Purity Law of 1516 only from natural ingredients: water, barley malt, yeast and hops. Beer has a dynamic, modern style and the famous German quality.

Brand slogan "Grotverg" reads: "Only in Germany!", Stressing that the beer in this class and the level of quality can be produced only in Germany. Beer "Grotverg" has repeatedly won the prestigious annual competition of the German Association of DLG, which is considered the most stringent in the world to assess the quality of the beer.

Beer "Grotwerg" is produced at Memminger Brauerei in Germany, which is based in 1886 in Memmingere laid Josef Herz. Expanded by merging with different breweries and the acquisition of new capacity by 1938 the brewery became one of the largest in Germany, producing 128,000 hectoliters of beer per year. However, the Second World War destroyed almost everything that has been achieved over many years of effort and hard work. In 1945, sales did not exceed 40 000 hectoliters. Entered a phase of recovery, reconstruction and modernization of production significantly, during which launched a new line for bottling of bottled beer. Today the plant is consistently among the list of the best breweries in Germany. In recent years, was significantly expanded exports, which has more than 20 kinds of beer and a large number of non-alcoholic beverages.

Beginning in 2008, the brewery Memminger - a permanent member of the famous German beer contest DLG. For three years (2008-2010) Production Brewery awarded a total of 24 gold medals, which allows the plant to maintain its status as one of the award-winning producers of beer in Germany.


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