Sparkling wine Martini Prosecco DOC, 200 ml

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Reviews of purchase Martini Prosecco DOC, 200 ml

Tasting Notes


The wine is light straw color.


The taste of wine is fresh, dryish, with fruity notes of grapefruit, green apple, peach, spicy aftertaste.


Very attractive aroma of the wine is filled with apple, pear and floral notes.


The wine is perfect as an aperitif or to accompany spicy dishes, goes well with white meat and fish, seafood and Mediterranean salads, sushi, fresh cream cheeses.

Interesting Facts

Dry Martini Prosecco sparkling wine is made ​​from the same grape variety, which is grown in the Veneto region in northeastern Italy. Icon of Italian winemaking company Martini has long been engaged in the production of Prosecco in the Veneto. In August 2009, the wine classification system has been enhanced with IGT at DOC. Now called Prosecco wine created in only two regions of Italy - Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia of high quality grapes, which is controlled at the governmental level. In connection with such modifications as the winemaker "Martini" Franco Bretstsa said: "We have always been proud of the fact that Martini Prosecco is produced in the Veneto region. The newly assigned DOC status really confirms the quality of this well-crafted product, and we are delighted with the recognition of our work."

In addition to the classification DOC, Martini Prosecco presented some updates of taste, texture and smoothness of such a complex bouquet with hints of peach and unique green apple and unforgettable spicy aftertaste. To fully enjoy the unique fresh and light taste of this wonderful wine, it is recommended to cool to 6-8 ° C.

In our store you can buy sparkling wine Martini Prosecco DOC, 200 ml, price Martini Prosecco DOC, 200 ml — 257 rub.. Producer sparkling wine Bacardi Martini. Delivery Martini Prosecco DOC, 200 ml.
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