Cognac Martell VSOP, flask, 500 ml

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Reviews of purchase Martell VSOP, flask, 500 ml

Tasting Notes


Cognac golden amber color.


Cognac has a full, soft, smooth, sometimes complex flavor with hints of dried fruit and a touch of sweetness. Lovely length.


Cognac has a light grape aroma with woody tones and hints of vanilla.


Full-bodied taste of cognac is best revealed by the addition of ice or in cocktails. It may also be consumed in pure form or add a little water.

Interesting Facts

Sometimes sophistication gift is determined not luxury design and inner content. French cognac Martell VSOP bottle, flask satisfy even the most discerning palate. At the first tasting of this amazing drink becomes obvious his high status and special purpose. This is the perfect gift for people who especially appreciate the content, not the form of a present. Nothing superfluous: only excellent quality and impeccable taste bland!


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