Brandy Loza Aleksandrovic, 700 ml

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Tasting Notes


Brandy pure, transparent color.


Brandy taste sweet, well-balanced, pleasant, fresh, with a long, stable aftertaste.


Brandy with a delicate floral aroma.


Brandy is great as a standalone drink, digestive, with ice.

Interesting Facts

Loza Aleksandrovic - tender, perfectly balanced brandy with a mild flavor, filled with attractive floral and fruity notes. Like the rest of drinks from the Serbian winery Podrum A., "Loza Aleksandrovic" different "high-quality, full of freshness that is felt in the first sip."
Brandy is created by careful distillation of pomace from grapes grown in the areas of economy. Brandy is recommended to serve in the original grape cups or small cups of brandy (small "tulip").

A. The family for over a hundred years successfully engaged in viticulture and winemaking, leading its history since 1903, when Milos A. acquired his first vineyards. It was he who was behind the foundation of society Venchanskogo winemakers who supplied wines to the royal court of Peter and Alexander Karadjordjevic. It is these wines have brought glory oplentskim wines not only in Serbia, but also throughout Europe. The family business passed down from father to son, has developed a very confident, and 1940s in the vineyards were planted farms already 30,000 vines.
In 2000 the company was acquired by A. Podrum new winery, equipped with the latest equipment, which allows to bring the quality of wines to a new, higher level. Therefore, it is safe to say that today wines and cognacs A. newly acquired former glory, combining the experience of ancestors, modern knowledge and innovative methods of winemaking.


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