Cognac Louis Royer Grande Champagne Extra, gift box, 0.75 L

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Reviews of purchase Louis Royer Grande Champagne Extra, gift box, 0.75 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac beautiful dark amber.


The taste of cognac rich, lively, with fruity tones and a long, complex and elegant finish.


In an intense aroma of cognac notes of caramel, cocoa, leather, almond, maple syrup, dried fruits, flowers, trees and marzipan.


Cognac is great as a standalone drink, digestive, combined with a slice of lemon.

Interesting Facts

Cognac "Louis Royer Grande Champagne Extra" - the flagship product of Louis Royer House, embodies the values ​​and philosophy that the company adheres since 1853, "worked tirelessly with passion and care!". The complexity of the brandy of the highest quality is expressed in the divine alchemy of aromatic strength and silky smoothness. To create a "Louis Royer Grande Champagne Extra" master blender carefully selects the "thoroughbred" eau-de-vie exclusively from the Grande Champagne region. As a result, the light is born harmonious, well-balanced cognac, able to awaken all the possible best feelings.

Company History Louis Royer began in 1853 when Louis Royer decided to open his own brandy business. Since then, four generations have replaced each other, and the classic cognac economy is still considered among the best in the world, since the family Royer strictly follows the traditions of production. The manufacturer does not have its own vineyards and cellar master House Royer autumn sent to the winery in order to select the most successful young wines as the basis for brandy. The selected wine distilled Charentais derived alcohols kept in cellars and sent to blending.


In our store you can buy cognac Louis Royer Grande Champagne Extra, gift box, 0.75 L, price Louis Royer Grande Champagne Extra, gift box, 0.75 L — 30 457 rub.. Producer cognac Louis Royer. Delivery Louis Royer Grande Champagne Extra, gift box, 0.75 L.
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