Lheraud Cognac 1906 Grande Champagne, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Lheraud Cognac 1906 Grande Champagne, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac has a very beautiful shiny amber color.


Cognac with very nice powerful, soft, round and warm taste with captivating, incredibly long finish.


Cognac with a magnificent, luxurious aroma with rich colors, walnut and bread notes.


Is an excellent aperitif, digestif, goes well with coffee, cigar.

Interesting Facts

The motto of the cognac house Guy L'Heureux: "To make a good Cognac, it must be love!".


1906 Lheraud Cognac Grand Champagne (L'Heureux 1906 Cognac Grande Champagne) - this is a very old millezim 1906, made ​​from alcohols best region - Grande Champagne, a beautiful amber color, with exquisite aroma with rich colors and superb multi-faceted taste - a powerful and at the same time soft. Worthy product of the legendary house in which lies the story itself. Cognac 1906 in a stylish wooden box - a great gift for lovers of good taste.

Brandy production houses L'Heureux has been known since 1680, during this year, Alexander L'Heureux started winemaking in the Charente. But the release of cognac under the brand Lheraud company began only in 1970, when it passed to Guy L'Heureux, who is currently the head of the family business.
The estate owns 125 acres of vineyards in the Petit Champagne. On the lands of the manor grow selected grape varieties Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard. House produces brandies on secret family recipes.
That Monsieur Guy L'Heureux began selling cognac - vintages (cognac crop one year), which was new to the world of cognac. L'Heureux family is one of the few in Cognac, which produces vintages on a permanent basis. They brought home a special reputation Lheraud. Vintages bottled under the control of the State Bureau of interprofessional cognac and anti-counterfeiting (BNIC). Spill begin only after tasting expert, took the oath.
Millezimnye brandies can be divided into two groups. The first consists of vintages from different subregions (which was once the family had vineyards). Alcohols for these brandies were obtained from the old hand-made alambikov volume of cubes just 2 hectoliters. They were heated with wood, under the strict attention master distillation, in this regard, each individual alcohol. The oldest dates back to 1802 millezim Lheraud year.
The second group includes vintages period 1950-1980, which took place in the distillation with alambikah of 13 hectoliters. And in 1999, were established more voluminous alambiki, of 25 hectoliters, but alcohols, distillation past them to go on sale soon.
Cognac houses are made without additives caramel, sugar and other ingredients, so they are different natural color and natural flavor. "No candy, no sugar - is sacrilege," - said in an interview export manager cognac house Lheraud ("Guy L'Heureux") François Rebel.
House Lheraud - the official supplier of brandy to the House of Lords in London and the Imperial House of Japan. These exclusive cognacs are presented in the most famous restaurants in the world: «La Tour d'Argent» (Tokyo), «Richemond» (Geneva), «Dalloyau» (Paris), as well as Dallmayr (Munich) - one of the largest and most expensive world gourmet shops, and places of worship for lovers of luxury and exclusive products - shopping center "Harrods" in London. As acknowledged by Alexander Massena - Managing cognac house Lheraud (Lero), cognac houses prefer the former French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Raffarin of France, Prince Albert of Monaco, and many other famous people.
About 10 years ago, and the Russians have the opportunity to try the excellent products cognac house L'Heureux. Give yourself and your familiarity with the legendary elite cognac houses!


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