Сalvados Lecompte, Pays d'Auge, 12 years, in gift box, 700 ml

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Tasting Notes


Calvados beautiful copper-gold color.


Complex, rich flavor of Calvados reveals fruity and woody nuances, faceted pleasant, long finish.


Complex, harmonious flavor of this drink plays undertones of fruit, spices, ripe apples, baking, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and caramel.


Calvados is ideal as an aperitif and digestif. It goes well with coffee and Dominican cigars.

Interesting Facts

Lecompte Pays d'Auge - Calvados is a delightful pleasant copper-gold color with a complex spicy fruit aromas range. This drink is deservedly considered one of the best Calvados in all of France. It was created from the assemblage spirits aged in the finest oak casks for 12 and 15 years old. Calvados from Lecompte - "Pays d'Auge 12 ans d'Age" at the international competition "Vinexpo-2007" was named "Best of alcoholic beverages" and also won a gold medal at the competition in San Francisco in 2004.

Origin of Calvados - drink from the French region of Normandy - refer to the XVI century. With a long history of development, it has a unique taste and style. Among the most vivid descriptions of Calvados and are accurate phrase "Sun Normandy" and "fruit brandy". This strong drink was originally created by the distillation of cider from apples, but now, depending on the geographical area of ​​production, there are three types of Calvados: "Calvados" pears and apples from Normandy; "Calvados Pays d'Auge" apples region Pays d'Auge; "Calvados Domfrontais" apples and pears area Domfrontais, the volume of which must be at least 30%.
Pays d'Auge - region in the northeast of the department of Calvados, which has long produced one of the best views of the eponymous drink. The secret of excellent quality Calvados that is born in the vast Pays d'Auge, in the unique soil, climate and humidity traditional method of "double distillation", which has long been popular in the region of Cognac and was taken over by the masters of the region Pei d'Auge. Such a method allows the production of bottling only true "soul" of Calvados. Spirits from the region of Pays d'Auge different lubricity and longer exposure.

Lecompte - is a company located in the heart of the countryside Pays d'Auge, near the town of Notre-Dame de Courson. The winery was founded in 1886. After 37 years, the land became the property of Alexander Leconte, in whose honor and was named firm. After another 55 years, the owners of the brand has become a family Pellerin, headed by Mr. Yves. Thanks to his efforts, "Lecompte" was transformed from a tiny farm in the world-class brand.
The company is still respectful of ancient traditions - cider created exclusively from perfect ripe apples, hand-picked from old trees. The fruits are subjected to careful selection - select from hundreds of apples is not more than a dozen. Kalvadosnye alcohols, after aging in oak barrels, acquire the color scheme of halftone light gold to dark amber. The final stage of the "birth" of Calvados - assemblage alcohols differing in duration of exposure and the crop year - an amazing process of creating a masterpiece by selecting the ideal proportions.
Products from "Lecompte" adorns the card famous bar "Hemingway" in the prestigious hotel "Ritz" and is the official spirits, the proposed business class passengers on airlines "AirFrance".


  • Strength: 42%
  • Website: http://www.calvados-lecompte.com
  • Distillation: Double Distillation
  • Class: Extra
  • Made from: Apples
  • Cask type: Oak Casks
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Overproof: Yes
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