La Amarilla de Ronda, "LA Organic Original" Suave, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml

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Reviews of purchase La Amarilla de Ronda, "LA Organic Original" Suave, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 250 ml

Tasting Notes


Oil golden-olive color.


The taste of olive oil slick, elegant, balanced, fresh, with hints of almond and slight acidity.


Fragrance oils fresh, fruity, with hints of almonds and herbs.


Olive oil is particularly suitable for cooking various dishes of meat, fish and vegetables, salads.

Interesting Facts

Olive oil series "LA Organic Original", is available in several versions, is a type of high-quality oil "Extra Virgin", comparable to the class with vintage wines. Historically, it was the first line of olive oil produced by La Amarilla de Ronda. It is made from olives grown in several agricultural companies in the region of Cordoba, Almeria, Sevilla, Granada. Packaging design for oil "LA Organic Original", designed by Philippe Starck, is a traditional bank, is considered the best way to preserve the freshness and color of olive oil.

"LA Organic Original" Suave - soft olive oil, which is characterized by a smooth, soft, delicate and elegant taste. Oil is produced from olives varieties Picual, Hojiblanca and Arbequina. Spin oils produced at low temperatures without any chemical treatment during the manufacturing process no additives or preservatives are used. Oil is certified as an organic product in line with EU standards, which ensure that when growing olives or pesticides or any other harmful substances (plant growth regulators, genetically modified organisms) are not used. Olive oil has the official seal of quality "Certified Quality of Andalusia."

Olive oil is produced in the town of Ronda for a long time. Laid the foundation of this tradition more than 200 years ago, local nuns who produced oil from the olives from old trees in the estate of La Amarilla. Oil is considered one of the finest in the area. At the end of XX century manor acquired family Gomez de Baeza, which has kept the trees and continued the ancient traditions of olive oil production.

In 1990 he was presented today became famous series "LA Organic". When demand for oil has increased several times, and harvest their own was not enough, de Baeza an unprecedented move: Oil production of the brand "LA Organic" used model system "Pagos Asociados", common in the world of wine, but unusual for the sector of olive oil. This unique flexible system has enabled the company La Amarilla de Ronda manage both the quantity and quality of production of oil, attracting third-party sources.

In fact, the brand "LA Organic" became a stock. Among shareholders - some of the greatest names in the world of olive business: Jose Cano (the company "Antonio Cano e Hijos"), Francisco Serrano (the company "Almazaras de la Subbética"), Cesar Kollig and Maximiliano Arteaga. Partners are jointly responsible for raw materials derived from 56 different farms, and production of oil. The ideological core of "LA Organic" is composed of three great expert: Michel Rolland - one of the most famous oenologist in the world; Cristino Obillo - world-renowned expert in the field of olive oil; Philippe Starck - the world-renowned French architect and designer, art director and creator of the brand "LA Organic".


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