Vodka Kalinka, 500 ml

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Tasting Notes


Vodka transparent color.


Vodka taste is soft and fine. Balanced finish.


Vodka with a faint scent of honey and berries of viburnum.


Drink vodka in pure form. It is appropriate to apply the exquisite delicacies and famous Russian pickles.

Interesting Facts

Kalinka Vodka is created from pure spring water, alcohol from the spring wheat crop one year and infusion viburnum berries, honey and medicinal herbs. Honey and viburnum berries give the drink a soft, faint aroma, and finely balanced aftertaste. Alcohol is obtained environmental technologies distillation. The technology of mixing raw grain. Use spring wheat harvest only one year and the water with impurities of silver, which is extracted at a depth of 40 meters. Vodka is carefully filtered through natural materials, which gives it a wonderful softness.

Kalinka Vodka - the embodiment of Russian traditions and modern technologies distillation.

Gold Manufactory - a large company producing alcoholic beverages. The main activity of the company is the distribution of high-quality alcoholic beverages. This company has representative offices in all major cities of Russia, they carry out direct sales of the company's products. All manufacturing point of Golden Manufactory are equipped with the latest technology. The company has established a special department dealing with the control of the process from the moment of production of raw material selection, to spill vodka bottles. One of the main principles of the company: Do not use food additives and dyes in their products, so spirits are made ​​only from natural ingredients.


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