Gift Set "Golf" (Grappa "I Legni Rovere", bag, foldable golf clubs, two balls, hole)

Price 4 808 rub. Available
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  • Producer: Bepi Tosolini
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Interesting Facts

Set includes 1 bottle of grappa, bag, collapsible golf club, two balls, the hole
The volume of the bottle: 200 ml
Bag-folder of cloth

Gift Set "Golf", released in a limited number of well-known producer of grappa - by Bepi Tosolini, landmark dedicated to all lovers of Italy and grappa event - the 150th anniversary of the beginning of production of grappa in Italy. The art of grappa and a half century has been brought to perfection, and the drink itself, once intended for the common people, is now a symbol of aristocracy. Bepi Tosolini captured unique, the most exquisite examples of grappa and released collectible sets that include different types of grappa. These use different grape varieties and different distillation technology, but remains unchanged high quality raw materials, and unique bottles of expensive glass.

Set "Golf" will allow you to not only enjoy the unforgettable taste of grappa, but also a good time for a game of golf, a game that has become so popular in the world, the International Olympic Committee decided to include it in the program of the Olympic Games in 2016. In addition grappa "I Legni Rovere" the set includes foldable golf club, two balls and hole. The set is packed in a bag, decorated in the style of "tartan", reminiscent of the home of golf - Scotland.

Grappa "I Legni Rovere", included in the kit is made ​​from Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Refosco. Distillation was carried out manually grappa in copper pot stills in the traditional method, and aging in oak barrels lasted 3 years. Grappa has a yellow-amber color with golden reflections, a pleasant aroma and enveloping perfectly balanced, smooth taste with hints of vanilla. Grappa is recommended to be served at a temperature of 15-18 ° C.
In our store you can buy wine set Gift Set "Golf" (Grappa "I Legni Rovere", bag, foldable golf clubs, two balls, hole), price Gift Set "Golf" (Grappa "I Legni Rovere", bag, foldable golf clubs, two balls, hole) — 4 808 rub.. Producer wine set Bepi Tosolini. Delivery Gift Set "Golf" (Grappa "I Legni Rovere", bag, foldable golf clubs, two balls, hole).