Georges Duboeuf, Saint-Amour & Saint-Amour "Saint-Valentin", gift box

2 153 rub.
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Interesting Facts

The kit includes 2 bottles of wine
The volume of the bottle: 750 ml
Cardboard box

Elegant wines and Saint-Amour Saint-Amour "Saint-Valentin", presented in a gift box, from the famous wine house Georges Duboeuf - this is not just a collection, it is a real declaration of love. This is indicated not only the names of wines, but also their unique style - bright, dizzying, deep. Set is a great gift not only in Valentine's Day - Valentine's Day, but in any situation where you want to express your gentle warm feelings to your loved one.

Saint-Amour, 2010 has a pleasant pungent aroma with hints of cherry, raspberry, cranberry, hips, mignonette, peonies, red pepper and smoke. In fresh, beverage taste wines dominated by shades of red fruits such as cherry, pomegranate and viburnum.

Saint-Amour "Saint-Valentin", 2008 - wine with delicate notes of violets, blackberry and spice in the aroma, beautiful bouquet of red ripe fruit in a rich robust flavor that lasts for eternity.

Both wines are made from Gamay grapes grown on one of the best Cru Beaujolais region - "Saint-Amour". Its romantic name of the vineyard was in ancient times from some Roman legionary suffering from unrequited love to the brutal Gallic beauty. At least, so says the legend that is shared by the current residents of Beaujolais.

In our store you can buy wine set Georges Duboeuf, Saint-Amour & Saint-Amour "Saint-Valentin", gift box, price Georges Duboeuf, Saint-Amour & Saint-Amour "Saint-Valentin", gift box — 2 153 rub.. Producer wine set Georges Duboeuf. Delivery Georges Duboeuf, Saint-Amour & Saint-Amour "Saint-Valentin", gift box.
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