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Liqueur Frangelico, 1000 ml

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2 082 rub.
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Tasting Notes


Liquor golden brown.


Liquor has an elegant, sensual flavor with hints of roasted hazelnuts, combined with notes of vanilla, berries, dark chocolate and other natural extracts that make complex taste. The finish is smooth and long.


Liquor has an intense aroma of hazelnuts.


Liquor easy to drink at any time of the day. Frangelico fine pure ice, and combined with a coffee composition or different cocktails. Liquor is widely used in cooking.

Interesting Facts

Frangelico - a well-known premium liquor, which was first produced by Christian monks in Piedmont more than 300 years ago. They are well prepared food and beverages, as well as mastered the art of distillation using hazelnuts and other local ingredients to create a liqueur based on a recipe that was produced Frangelico. Title liquor associated with a local legend about a hermit monk Fra. Angelico (which means "Angelic Brother"), who supposedly lived in Piedmont in the 17th century.
Three centuries later the company Barbero recreated ancient recipe of liquor and started production of Frangelico, manufacturing technology which is kept in strict confidence. It is known that the liquor used to create the choicest varieties of hazelnuts Tonda Gentile, mineral water, as well as many high-quality natural ingredients, including wild berries, bitter almond, orange blossom, Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa and others. Production of liquor consists of several stages. First, local Piedmontese hazelnuts cleaned from the shell, roasted and comminuted. Then the nuts are soaked in a mixture of alcohol and water. In the second step part passes tinctures nut distillation and then natural extracts (including cocoa and vanilla) are mixed with the distillate and the nut for creating infusion concentrate. At the final stage of the concentrate is connected with alcohol, sugar and water, thus achieving the necessary strength, then the liquor is aged in barrels for 6-8 weeks, which allows for perfect balance and maturity. Frangelico is bottled in the original bottles, which resembles the image of the history of the origin of liquor. Their appearance is associated with the monastic robe, tied up the traditional belt-rope around the waist, it is a guarantee of authenticity and quality that links the past with the present.
Frangelico liqueur numerous awards in different countries, as well as recognized as the best imported liqueur in Spain.
In our store you can buy liqueur Frangelico, 1000 ml, price Frangelico, 1000 ml — 2 082 rub.. Producer liqueur Barbero. Delivery Frangelico, 1000 ml.