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Liqueur Fee Brothers, West Indian Orange Bitters, 150 ml

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Reviews of purchase Fee Brothers, West Indian Orange Bitters, 150 ml

Tasting Notes


Bitter pale gold color.


Bitter taste slightly sweet, with a characteristic bitter tones gentian and pronounced shades of orange peel oil. The finish is long and spicy.


Bitter has a sharp aroma of freshly cut orange peel, with subtle shades of lavender and fragrant notes of orange flowers.


Bitter is a great addition to flavor drinks and confectionery, such as chocolate fondue.

Interesting Facts

The concept of "bitters" brings together a group of alcoholic beverages, which includes bitters, some types of vermouth, liqueurs and spicy bitter beer. Encyclopaedia Britannica says that the first bitters appeared in France in 1533. Ingredients of alcoholic beverages, which are made by infusion, are herbs, spices, extracts of herbs and roots.

A distinctive feature of bitters is well palpable bitterness on the palate (the word "bitter" in English means "bitter"). Basically bitters used to prepare cocktails. In the XIX century - the golden age of cocktails - they were very popular, then they are unjustly forgotten, and now bitters again at the peak of popularity, thanks to revive interest in classic cocktails. Fee Brothers bitters company is considered one of the most well-known and high-quality alcoholic beverages.

There are many recipes that use orange bitters, but the most popular is still a martini "Classic" - during the first 50 years of this drink orange bitters part of his recipe.

Delicate aroma and taste of West Indian Orange Bitters is obtained from the peel of oranges grown in the West Indies. Try adding a few drops of Bitter Orange West Indian in a classic martini, and this combination will surely enchant you.

Company Fee Brothers, appeared in 1863, is one of the renowned manufacturers of cocktail bitters. Today, the fourth generation - in the face of Ellen and Joe Fee, the Management Company and produces a top quality bitters.

Beginning of the history of the brand Phi Brothers was laid back in 1835, when Owen Phi, an Irishman by birth, first saw America and settled there, in 1847 opened a butcher's shop in Rochester, New York with his wife, Margaret. After his death in 1855, Margaret herself was raised five children. And so, when his eldest son was 25 years old, they decided to remake the butcher's shop in the interior delicacies. Margaret is a bold act: it lays the house to help his son James to open product-wine shop.

Thanks to the skillful management of James, the company soon developed into a winery and began to import products. In 1883, after the death of his mother and one of his brothers, the remaining three brothers decide to change the name to "James Fee and Brothers" on "Fee Brothers".

Brothers had to go through hard times, one of the worst fires in the history of Rochester in 1908, destroyed their building on North Water Street and brought losses of 400 thousand dollars; Prohibition in 1920 and a significant decline in sales due to the economic conditions during the Great Depression. Many alcoholic beverages have been removed from production, and family-owned company decided to focus on the sale of wines and syrups.

In 1995, a new label design, which depicts four brothers, who founded the company - Owen, James, John and Joseph. This label symbolically combines the old with the new, with the descendants of the ancestors, good ideas with the ideas of the past.

At present, the company's product portfolio includes Phi Brothers more than 90 varieties of drinks - from the classic bitters, liqueurs, cocktails to coffee flavors and medicinal water.


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