Cognac Domaine du Foucaudat XO Hors d'Age, in decanter, gift box, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Domaine du Foucaudat XO Hors d'Age, in decanter, gift box, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Cognac has a rich, intense color of dark amber.


Cognac has a rounded, soft, very pleasant and enveloping flavor, filled with subtle notes of spice. Long aftertaste playing nuances of fresh fruits.


Complex aromatic bouquet of this drink is woven shades of tobacco, dried fruit and spices.


Cognac is great as a digestif, and goes well with fresh coffee and cigars.

Interesting Facts

"Domaine du Foucaudat XO Hors d`Age" made ​​from cognac, based on - the grapes varieties Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche, grown on fertile soil Grande Champagne. This cognac is made of the oldest alcoholic reserves remaining in the estate Fukoda laid down by the father and grandfather of the current owner. The main part of the alcohols for this cognac is aged in barrels of Limousin oak for 30 years. Multifaceted taste and unforgettable aroma of aged beverage enchant even the most demanding gourmets. The secret of the uniqueness of "Domaine du Foucaudat XO Hors d'Age" in the unique properties of terroir - combined mild maritime climate and loose clay soils with a high lime content. Such tandem brings Cognacs sophistication and elegance. This drink was awarded a gold medal at the competition "Vinnaya Karta Open 2004".

Patrimony "Le Domaine du Fukoda" located in Grande Champagne, near the small settlement Zhuyak-le-Coq. Most of the land holdings is reserved for grapes Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc and Colombard. The secret of the uniqueness of cognacs from the "Le Domaine du Fukoda" in the unique properties of terroir - a combination of mild maritime climate and rare soils of loose clay with a high lime content. Due to these conditions produced alcohols have a refined taste, elegant bouquet and excellent potential for aging in oak barrels. Today the estate "Le Domaine du Fukoda" Management Company "Evronegos spiritualists."
Euronegoce Spiriteueux (Evronegos spirits) - a family-owned company, whose history goes back as early as the middle of the 19th century. The first person to occupy the cultivation of the vine in the family, was Samuel Pile, great-grandfather of the present owner of the company on the mother - Patrick Ricard. It was Samuel acquired 40 acres of land near the Zhuyak Le Coq and dwell estate, surviving to the present day. In his possession were beautiful vineyards and personal distiller - alambik. Father Patrick, Jean Ricard, also made a significant contribution to the development of the family business, acquired in the early 40-O of the XX century 22 hectares of beautiful land in the Grand Champagne region, near Zhuayk Le Coq. Uniqueness and significance of the potential of this area is not subject to doubt, as neighbors Ricard family are such famous brands as Remy Martin, Hennessy and Frapin.
Patrick Ricard - very purposeful, ambitious and multi-faceted man with interesting modern outlook on life. And while three generations of his family have dedicated their lives to the excellent brandies, Patrick did not immediately embarked on a path of serving familial traditions. As an active young man, he spent a lot of time traveling and fond of antiques. This way of life has enriched his amazing experience and still brought back to the family business.
Today, continuing the work of his great-grandfather, Patrick very boldly introduces in the process of creating cognacs innovative ideas and advanced technologies, while respectful to the centuries-old traditions of the region. He uses synthesis brings great benefits! To date, Patrick is the owner of estates "Fukoda" and "Belle Meyzon" three alambikov, plant in Jarnac, which is part of the five largest companies in France bottling cognacs and storage with 6000 hectoliters of the finest spirits. Thanks to the experience of the traveler and antiquarian, available Patrick is an amazing collection of paintings and antique prints, motifs of which he uses when designing labels for cognacs from Euronegoce Spiriteueux.


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