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Liqueur De Kuyper Advocaat, 500 ml

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646 rub.
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Tasting Notes


Yellow cream liqueur.


Sweet liqueur creamy texture leaves a pleasant aftertaste warming.


The aroma De Kuyper Advocaat there are notes of vanilla.


This liqueur should be served chilled. Goes well with ice cream and is the basis for a cocktail Snowball.

Interesting Facts

For the manufacture of Dutch egg liqueur Advocaat buys more than 40 million eggs. Yolks separated from the protein and mixed with brandy, sugar and vanilla.
De Kuyper - the world leader in liquors, in 1995 the company celebrated its 300th anniversary.
In our store you can buy liqueur De Kuyper Advocaat, 500 ml, price De Kuyper Advocaat, 500 ml — 646 rub.. Producer liqueur De Kuyper. Delivery De Kuyper Advocaat, 500 ml.