Wine Chateau L'Ermitage, "Tradition" Rouge, 2011

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Reviews of purchase Chateau L'Ermitage, "Tradition" Rouge, 2011

Tasting Notes


Wine bright garnet color.


The wine has a rich taste with notes of ripe fruit and spices. Smooth, with good structure and supple tannins.


The aroma of wine sounds notes of blueberry, vanilla and cinnamon.


Wine is well apply to meat dishes, grilled lamb, steaks and sausages. Excellent addition to cheese.

Interesting Facts

A blend of red wine "Tradition" from Chateau L'Ermitage consists of three grape varieties - Syrah, Mourvedre and Grenache. The average age of the vines - 25 years. Traditional fermentation lasts 15 days to balance the tannins and anthocyanins. Wine "Tradison" Rouge is an advanced product management Chateau L'Ermitazh. The wine can be drunk now and over the next 5 years.

Winery Chateau L'Ermitage is located on the southern Rhone Valley in the southern appellasone Koster de Nimes. Past 30 years, the economy managed by brothers Michael and Jerome Castillon. In the vineyards with a total area of ​​80 hectares with a Mediterranean climate and pebbly soils grow traditional varieties of grapes of the Rhone Valley - Syrah, Grenache, Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Mourvèdre and Russan. At Chateau L'Ermitazh carefully monitor the selection of grapes, control the yield and quality of berries. Due to the temperature control at the stage of maturation and storage, the wine becomes balanced in taste and flavor, different soft tannins. Wine is kept in "FUDR" and in new oak barrels, which give the wine a wonderful aroma. Brothers Michel and Jerome Castillon constantly experimenting with their wines to further improve the taste and aroma.


In our store you can buy wine Chateau L'Ermitage, "Tradition" Rouge, 2011, price Chateau L'Ermitage, "Tradition" Rouge, 2011 — 919 rub.. Producer wine Chateau L'Ermitage (Costieres des Nimes). Delivery Chateau L'Ermitage, "Tradition" Rouge, 2011.