Liqueur "Cesare da Sesto" Sambuca, 700 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Cesare da Sesto" Sambuca, 700 ml

Tasting Notes


Sambuca transparent color.


The sweet taste of sambuca has a strong and surprisingly long finish.


Aroma sambuca shows bright but delicate notes of anise and licorice.


Sambuca is served with cheeses, fish and meat dishes, goes well with coffee, strong tea, it is recommended to nutty desserts and fruits, as well as a component of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

"Cesare da Sesto" Sumbuca - deep and bright liquor with a strong anise flavor and aroma. Sambuca is well lit and is recommended as spectacular club beverage, as the basis of original cocktails. Goes well with citrus juice, coffee and tea.

Brand "Sesare da Sesto" owned "Perlino Optima", which traces its history for over a hundred years. Today, the company headed by Luigi Dezani - oenologist in the third generation. "Perlino Optima" owns its own vineyards in Piedmont, as well as collaborating with the largest wine farms of Italy, who grow a variety of grapes and wines produced in accordance with the traditions of the area.
"We have inherited a culture of wine from our fathers, the traditional culture of these lands. We carefully monitor each step of production, trace the path of each berry, from harvest in the vineyards and ending with bottling the wine in the bottle" - say oenologists company. To date, "Pearl Optima" is one of the leading wine companies in the country and specializes in the production of sparkling and still wines, liqueurs and vermouth.
In our store you can buy liqueur "Cesare da Sesto" Sambuca, 700 ml, price "Cesare da Sesto" Sambuca, 700 ml — 1 105 rub.. Producer liqueur Perlino Optima. Delivery "Cesare da Sesto" Sambuca, 700 ml.