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Grappa Castagner, "Aqua D'Uva", gift box with 2 glasses, 500 ml

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Tasting Notes


Grappa pure transparent color.


Grappa has a delicate, spicy and sweet flavor with hints of anise and echoes of apple, pear and white peach.


Fragrant bouquet of grappa is characterized by a refreshing tones of grapes and nuts.


Grappa is an excellent digestif, can be combined with mild cigars and coffee.

Interesting Facts

"Grappa - a treasure of our culture, it should be known, it is necessary to love and protect."
Roberto Kastaner

"Aqua D'Uva" - it is soft and fragrant grappa, obtained by traditional distillation of pressed grape skins of grapes varieties of Prosecco, Riesling and others. Translated from the Italian grappa name means "grape water." Recommended serving temperature is 12-15 ° C, preferably in the grappa glasses such as "tulip" medium size.

Grappa "Aqua D'Uva" is made ​​at the winery "Castagner", founder and chief master of distillation which is Roberto Kastaner. In his collection of liquor expressed all the passion, experience and imagination winemaker. Roberto received an excellent education and graduated from the prestigious School of Oenology in Conegliano. Especially its unique products - a line of winery enough space - is to bring together the rich traditions, natural resources and modern trends. In 2003, Roberto Kastaner with five producers organized by the Academy Grappa and spirits, which is intended to technological research, market monitoring and training of spirits. Winery "Kastaner" is the largest in the Veneto region, it produces 10% of the total national production of grappa. Analysis and control of the production is carried out at all levels - from selecting the grapes to bottling the drink. The plant employs a dedicated team of winemakers - people implementing great ideas and technologies, and related with great respect for the environment.


In our store you can buy grappa Castagner, "Aqua D'Uva", gift box with 2 glasses, 500 ml, price Castagner, "Aqua D'Uva", gift box with 2 glasses, 500 ml — 8 003 rub.. Producer grappa Castagner. Delivery Castagner, "Aqua D'Uva", gift box with 2 glasses, 500 ml.