Bristol Classic Rum, "Port Morant" Demerara Rum, 1999, gift tube, 0.7 L

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Reviews of purchase Bristol Classic Rum, "Port Morant" Demerara Rum, 1999, gift tube, 0.7 L

Tasting Notes


Rum amber color with ruby ​​reflections.


Rum has a good strong flavor with sweet anise shade and a very long finish.


The aroma of rum filled with fruity notes, nuances of toffee and needles.


Rum is best enjoyed neat, with ice cubes and a good cigar.

Interesting Facts

"Port Morant" Demerara Rum, 1999 - one of the best rums of Guyana, has a unique taste and high quality. Port Morant economy in Guyana was founded in 1732 and is one of the first to produce a unique style Demerara rum, which this country and became famous. A few years ago as part of the reorganization of the industry, distillation cubes used in the production were moved to Georgetown. With these unique large cubes still produce rum with a special style. First, most of the time rum is aged in American oak barrels, and then there was a fracture in the barrel from the port, where held for another 2 years before bottling.

The company "Bristol Classic Rum" belongs to a talented leader, Englishman John Barrett. In 1985 he founded the production of cognac, which has been very successful in the early '90s it was sold to the French. In 1993, John founded the company in the city of Bristol "Bristol Spirits Ltd", which belongs "Bristol Classic Rum". Bristol has historically been an important port, which the British fleet used as a base for their ships. In the 1700s, brought here a lot of rum, which had to be stored somewhere. And then it turned out that moist cool climate Bristol is ideal for storage and aging of the drink.

Today "Bristol Classic Rum" - an internationally recognized company specializing in the best Romakh from around the world. Only 8 years the company has established export trade with the largest countries in the world. John Barrett has traveled around the world to choose from hundreds of different manufacturers best rum. The production volume is small. With individual plants selected a small number of Roma to show it in its pure form, rather than as a part of the lens hood. All are bottled in the UK. Rohm not subjected to cold filtration. Currently, the collection includes over 10 rare rums with a unique style from around the world. John Barrett believes that the exposure - a very important process, and so today he is experimenting in this direction, using the last stage of the white oak barrels, new French oak barrels previously used for aging bourbon, Madeira, sherry and port. He carefully selects each barrel of rum right, which, in his opinion, will complement the character of the drink.


  • Strength: 46%
  • Color : Golden
  • Cask type: White American Oak Casks, From under the Portevin
  • Body: Middle Boiled
  • Overproof rum: Yes
  • Gift box: Yes
  • Website:
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