Beer Belhaven, Scottish Stout, 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase Belhaven, Scottish Stout, 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer black with brown reflections.


Rich, hearty taste of beer has a good balance between bitter and sweet notes. It felt notes of coffee, chocolate and malt, dark fruit nuances and herbs. Dry aftertaste with overtones of roasted malt and hops.


The aroma of beer is dominated by shades of chocolate, roasted coffee beans and vanilla.


Beer goes well with barbecue meats (beef, pork, smoked meat, game), and with chocolate and desserts.

Interesting Facts

Belhaven, "Scottish Stout" - beautiful black stout is an excellent equivalent Porter. Stout is made according to old Scottish recipes beginning of the XIX century. The combination of three kinds of malt (usually a burnt malt, caramel malt and burnt barley) transmits Stout excellent chocolate and coffee notes that a balanced blend of taste of the drink with hop bitterness.

Despite the fact that the brewery Stout made relatively recently (since 2007), it is already one of the most sold and appreciated not only by amateurs, but also professionals. In 2008 Belhavn "Scottish Stout" won the top award from the Beverage Testing Institute in the contest "World Beer Championships Awards" - 96 points and a platinum medal in the category of "Strong Stout".

Although the brewery, which in the future will be called Belhaven, existed in the eponymous village in the southern port of Scotland and in the XVI century, the official year of its creation in 1719 was listed second. That year John Johnstone acquired the plant and began to brew beer for commercial sale. After John's death in 1815 there was a merger of two families - Johnstone and Dudgeon. Over the next 150 years, the brewery produces a wide range of ales under the brand name "Dudgeon & Co".

In 1950, the brewery was coined for a distinctive trademark - Belhaven Bill - great fisherman fishing in ammunition against the backdrop of the harbor at Dunbar. By the way, the name of Belhaven translated as "beautiful harbor."

In 1972 the family sold the brewery, feeling competition from modern automated factories. Take ownership of a positive impact on the development of the brewery began twenty bright stage and a significant increase in Belhaven. In 2005, Belhaven was bought by "Greene King". Despite the years, Belhaven continues to produce all the same range of products - the highest quality ales, cooked according to old recipes.


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