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Beer "Bavaria" Premium (Russia), 0.5 L

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Reviews of purchase "Bavaria" Premium (Russia), 0.5 L

Tasting Notes


Beer golden straw color with a dense stand froth.


Beer taste is smooth, creamy, rich, with fresh notes of hops, lemon and herbs, soft nuances of rice and cereals, crisp finish.


The aroma of beer felt sweetish malt notes, shades of herbs, flowers, wild rice, wheat, noble tone of hops.


Beer goes well with dishes of Japanese and German cuisine, cheeses, as an aperitif, with meat (pork, veal, lamb, poultry) and fish dishes.

Interesting Facts

Very popular in Europe Pilsner "Bavaria" Premium has a rich aroma and a rich, fresh, clean taste. This beer "premium" class is made from an ancient recipe for almost 300 years. Carefully selected ingredients - pure natural spring water from its own source of fresh barley malt and hops - beer ensure high quality. "Bavaria" Premium exported to 130 countries around the world since 1991, the beer is available in Russia.

Today Bavaria is the second largest brewery of the Netherlands, and it all began in 1719 with a small village brewery in Lieshout, which served local people and the countryside. Significant expansion and business development Morees family-Svinkels occurred only at the end of the XIX century thanks to the great-grandson of the founder. In 1910, the new plant was built, and the volume of production increased to tens of thousands of liters of beer a year. Already by 1924 the factory building was too small, and Lieshout was elevated even more modern complex. In 1933, the brewery has added to his possessions own bottling plant, which produced 2,000 bottles per hour.

Bayern has focused only on the Dutch market, but since 1970 it starts supplying products to 100 countries. Today, the annual production capacity of Bavaria is more than five million hectoliters of beer. Most of the drinks is still brewed in Lieshout, but also of the products manufactured in Russia through Efes Beer Group and its own brewery Bavaria in South Africa. Bayern company also owns a factory of soft drinks, two malting brewery De Koningshoeven Brewery and Trappist Brewery.

Beer "Bavaria" Premium produces a united group "Efes Rus", which arose after the merger in March 2012, the world's largest brewers SABMiller and Anadolu EFES (EFES Beer Group). The group's task - to take a leading position in the beer market in Russia. The merger allowed the "Efes Rus" to become the second-largest brewer in sales in the Russian market. The company controls the production of licensed brands in Russia and has been supplying beer from other countries. Group assets include 8 breweries and 4 malt complex.

EFES Beer Group, founded in Turkey in 1969, is a powerful company, ranks 5th among breweries in Europe and 14th in the world. It owns breweries in Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia and Serbia, as well as offices in Belarus and Azerbaijan. Products EFES Beer Group comes in more than 65 countries around the world.

The company SABMiller - one of the leading beer producers in the world - was founded in 1895 in South Africa. On the Russian market SAB was published in 1998 by purchasing and modernizing the brewery in Kaluga. Gradually expanding, acquiring and building new facilities in Russia (totaling more than $ 700 million. US dollars), SABMiller now has offices across the country.


In our store you can buy beer "Bavaria" Premium (Russia), 0.5 L, price "Bavaria" Premium (Russia), 0.5 L — 81 rub.. Producer beer Efes Rus. Delivery "Bavaria" Premium (Russia), 0.5 L.