Armenian Cognac "Great Valley" 6 Years Old, gift box, 700 ml

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Tasting Notes


Cognac pure amber.


Cognac has a soft and full of flavor with hints of chocolate and vanilla, long velvety finish.


Cognac has an intense aroma with hints of flowers, honey and vanilla.


Cognac is a great digestif, goes well with chocolate and desserts, perfect as a component of cocktails.

Interesting Facts

Armenian cognac "Great Valley" 6 Star produced by classical technology with the traditions of Armenian brandy masters who learned from the French. Cognac is made exclusively from local grapes - Voskehat, Garandmak and other growing up in the Ararat valley. Going grapes in September and October, after reaching full maturity. Grape spirits aged in barrels handmade from local Caucasian oak. "Great Valley" 6 Star first six months aged in new barrels and the rest of the term - up to 6 years old - in the old, which provide softness and individual taste. Cognac was awarded a gold medal in 2006.

Holding "Great Valley" includes several large companies producing first-class Armenian cognac and fine wines. The company - a direct heir of the Armenian brandy, which began to make in Armenia in the second half of the XIX century. Holding was founded in 1998 by businessman Tigran Arzakantsyanom. The company is named after the Ararat Valley (Great Valley), where the grapes are grown since biblical times. Today, there are enterprises and the main production base of the holding. Cognacs produced by classical technology only from local grapes. All production is organized in accordance with the 1999 national standards. The company "Great Valley" has received many awards at international exhibitions held in Russia, Europe and America.


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