Armenian Cognac "Aregak" 4 Stars, 500 ml

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Tasting Notes


Cognac deep honey color.


Cognac has a mild, harmonious taste.


Cognac different expressive aroma with notes of fresh and dried fruit, complemented by notes of hazelnut.


Cognac is recommended to use as a digestif.

Interesting Facts

Armenian cognac "Aregak" produced by classic French recipe. From selected white grapes of local varieties (Garant-Dmak, Kakheti, and Chilar Voskehat) scheme white wine vinification after 7-10 days get material for distillation fortress 10-12 degrees. Brandy alcohol stillage obtained by means of a distillation apparatus that preserve grape flavor. Ready alcohol is first aged in new barrels, and six months later poured into the old, where he finished exposure. The minimum aging period - 4 years. Barrels for Armenian brandy made only from Caucasian oak growing in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. After holding brandy blended with spring water, syrup and caramel. Blended brandy again poured into oak barrels where it rests for several months to achieve a balance, uniform color and taste.

Winery "Aregak" was established the first guild merchant Hovsep Abrahamyan in 1874. It is located in the village of Dalar, at the center of the Ararat Valley. This is one of the first factories in Armenia. Cognac here began producing in 1889. A New History of the plant began in 2002, when he was made brandy under its own brand "Aregak". The title comes from the ancient Armenian mythology. Aregak - the sun god, joy and life in the kingdom of Urartu. Cognac bottle has a special koleretku a relief sun, inside which indicates aging period of cognac. On the back of the bottle is made embossed inscription "Aregak" to confirm the originality and forgery exception of cognac.


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