Beer "Appenzeller Hanfblute", 330 ml

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Reviews of purchase "Appenzeller Hanfblute", 330 ml

Tasting Notes


Beer slightly hazy straw yellow color.


Mild taste of beer combines notes of hemp, malt, herbs. You can feel the subtle nuances of citrus. In the aftertaste is dominated by malty sweetness.


In the spicy aroma of beer felt resinous hemp tone colors and nuances of malt.


Beer is used as an aperitif, digestif, with desserts.

Interesting Facts

"Appenzeller Hanfblute" - a very interesting class Swiss beer "ultra premium", which is brewed from the purest source of the famous Swiss Alpen, Vienna malt, hops Stammheimer, as well as extract of leaves and flowers of the hemp. Beer, made according to ancient traditions of brewing, has a refined and distinctive aroma and flavor that are saved thanks to modern technology of production. "Appenzeller Hanfblute" - live beer, it is not pasteurized and not filtered, so the bottle can occur sediment.

Beer under the brand name "Appenzeller" brewed at the brewery Locher, owned by the family since 1886 Lohar. Located at the foot of the mountain Alpshteyn, in the main city of the region - Appenzell, Brewery today is the last remaining brewery in the region. Brewery for five generations is firm is a family business, which still operates in the Swiss beer market independently of the big breweries and transnational corporations and is famous for its special and traditional beers.

In the factory constantly being modernized machinery and equipment, raw materials for the production of beverages selected very carefully. The rapidly growing demand for beer is Locher demonstrate excellent figures: beer production increased from 13,800 hectoliters in 1994 to more than 100 000 hectoliters per year today.


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